Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain ★★★★★

I always seem to get goosebumps during Gene Kelly's Singin' in the Rain number, because each time I see and hear it, there is still a new magic to it every time. You see when I was young, before I knew all the classics, first and foremost I knew this gem of a film. It is such a wonderful buildup to that moment with such personal favorites as Make em' Laugh and Moses Supposes. Then you have the always popular Good Morning with not only Kelly but Donald O'Connor and Debbie Reynolds performing. Great stuff!

Although Kelly had a career with other high points (arguably never as high as this one), I am always slightly saddened that O'Connor and Reynolds never reached another peak like this ever again in their careers. They were both great so we must simply cherish this film for what it is.

Even to this day the film holds up and that is a tribute to the writing as well as the players. It is constantly quotable whether it is "dignity, always dignity" or "I can't stand it!" Jean Hagen is always the butt of everyone's jokes, but she is indeed very funny. You also have other fine performers like Millard Mitchell as R.F. and Cyd Charisse and Rita Moreno who made a name for themselves as dancers. Is is just me or does Donald O'Connor remind others of Danny Kaye? He not only cracks the jokes, but he is a wonderful all around performer. Although O'Connor was probably a better dancer.

All in all this is a timeless classic and it will undoubtedly keep that title for who knows how long. I know I will be coming back to it again and again. Now I hope it starts pouring buckets so I can go outside and stomp around in the puddles. I will let you know if I come down with pneumonia.

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