• Under the Flag of the Rising Sun

    Under the Flag of the Rising Sun


    Japanuary 2022
    After the death of a husband in World War II without an exact reason in the death notice, a widow who want to prove that her husband, Togashi, not a deserter, finds these four men in Togashi's unit and asks them to uncover the truth about Togashi's deeds. Slowly the facts were revealed and the movie finally tells us the tragic history.

    From Fires on The Plain to Under The Flag of The Rising Sun. Similar heartbreaking story about post-war in…

  • Fires on the Plain

    Fires on the Plain


    War is literally hell.

  • Daisies



    Bona fide plot with surreal touch and psychotic yet deep visual. The Maries are so alluring and rib-tickling, such a sparkling duo. Daisies has an anti-patriarchy message through its satirical approach to female stereotypes. I really like the last scene when they stomping all the things in the dine hall, they show us in the end, everything that stomped and broken can never be fixed. Like people's hearts and dignities, particularly in this case, women.

  • List


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  • Go, Go Second Time Virgin

    Go, Go Second Time Virgin


    "I'm just too hopelessly unhappy to live."
    "Even rape didn't erase the sadness."
    "I know that people love and kill one another."
    "I'm alone. That's why I don't want to kill myself,
    it's too painful."

    Japanuary 2022

  • Melancholia



    I always like when a drama have a genius character in it. Like Lucky Romance, Good Doctor, Doctor Strange, etc. They are racking my brain and I enjoy it. But Melancholia's story just average, it's loosely like Sky Castle but in a dragging way. They try to criticize flawed paradigm in an inadequate education system with a bit of forbidden love issue. Not an impressive way to prove such true love, but an okay for proving such a rotten people.

  • Landscape in the Mist

    Landscape in the Mist


    A sister and a brother try to find their father, whom they have never met, in Germany. Landscape in The Mist is a coming-of-age film using road trip theme that beautifully depicts the strong desire of two siblings for reaching their dream and displays the failure of modern-society.

    I really really really love this kind of story. When people desperate of something and they tried their best until the end. Also I adore how they portray a lot of contradictory…

  • City of the Rising Sun

    City of the Rising Sun


    Baby Jungjae and baby Woosung are the cutest!
    That dance scene was the best tho.

    Artist Company Background :
    Intending to make Lee Jung-Jae repents from stealing Jung Woo-Sung's money, these two friend finally choose to set up their own company and make money instead.

  • Pigs and Battleships

    Pigs and Battleships


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Japanuary 2022
    Raising pigs for business, then killed by them in a flash.
    Such a good tragicomedy.

  • Tokyo Drifter

    Tokyo Drifter


    Japanuary 2022

    "He's a good guy. But when a straight shooter like him gets mad, there's no stopping him."

    Tetsuya, a loyal yakuza, had to become a drifter after disputing with rival gang. He must adjust his life to a wanderer way. But his life is in danger after a hitman try to kill him. Tetsuya just want a honest life, but a destructive yakuza life won't let him go. Tokyo Drifter is a decent movie depicts yakuza and its dark fate of life. Tetsuya is a cool man with a good heart, his life must go on.

  • The Naked Island

    The Naked Island


    Japanuary 2022
    Mereka yang kerja, tapi kok aku yang capek :(
    Sedih banget ngeliat perjuangan keluarga ini, sampai akhir pun ngga ada waktu buat hal lain selain kerja kerja kerja :(
    Keluarga apa kabinet Jokowi? Nyesek bgt.

  • Cold Fish

    Cold Fish


    Japanuary 2022
    Cold Fish is loosely based on true story of duo killers,
    Sekine & Kazama.

    Murder philosophy by Gen Sekine :
    1. Kill those who are not good for the world
    2. Do not kill for insurance purposes, as you will get caught
    3. Kill the greedy
    4. It is important not to shed blood
    5. The most important thing is to make the body disappear

    Such a bloody disgusting movie, indeed.