• Venom



    Post-thanksgiving comedown.

  • Dial M for Murder

    Dial M for Murder


    Watched w TheMysticWood

  • Coco



    So utterly magical. Makes me fall in love with this beautiful holiday and culture. I relate a ton to miguels struggles with his family accepting him as a musician, too. BREATHTAKING animation, great music, great characters, amazing story - this movie has it all.


    Watched with The Mystic Wood

  • Gremlins



    Finished out oct getting ready for december.

    Watched with TheMysticWood

  • The Haunted Mansion

    The Haunted Mansion



    People who rate this low need to have their sense of humour resurrected from the dead.

    I was astounded i had never seen this before. I'm a long, longstanding fan of The Haunted Mansion ride and, even though i've been meaning to see this for almost 20 years, it absolutely did not disappoint. Fun script, great performances, and i really dig the production and design. The early 2000s CG actually work well for this, i think, whereas…

  • Seeds



    Cool atmosphere. Somewhat shoddy performances. Still worth it for the beautiful black and white and the Jean Rollins vibes.

    Seen at Salem Horror Fest.

  • Horrorscope



    I think i have horror trailer-itis.

  • Dystopia



    The things we do to our toys.

    A visually stunning, psychedelic Barbie/Bratz Lisa Frank meltdown. Bizarre.

  • Death Cast

    Death Cast


    Not perfect, but entertaining. Enjoyed the meta-movie confusion; the productions pretty slick, and theres some decent performances on display. Theres a couple of rather poor ones, as well.

    Some interesting commentary on what it takes to be a star, also. Worthwhile.

  • Verified



    Becomes zombie. Livestreams the transformation.

    Incredible makeup and effects sell this, matched with some slick visuals and style and a charming performance. Some truly gorge-inducing body horror. Recommended.

    Seen at Salem Horror Fest

  • What Happens Next Will Scare You

    What Happens Next Will Scare You


    Endearingly cheap. Worth watching for the fake vhs footage alone. The anthology setup keeps things clipping along, and the monsfers becoming real is a nice touch.

    Clearly made with a clear love of horror. From the team that brought you wnuf halloween special.

    Seen at Salem Horror Fest

  • Alone with You

    Alone with You


    A masterclass in how to use a small setting and an emotional performance to drive home a story of madness, regret, heartbreak, and psychological collapse like a coffin nail. You spiral down the maelstrom right alongside Charlie, thanks to writer/director/star Emily Bennett's hypnotizing performance. Made even more evocative with haunting, lonesome, bergman-esque beachscapes and lavish arthouse cinematography/editing. Beautiful, and beautifully unsettling.

    Truly captures the dissolution into madness, as a sort of spiritual state; guilt and heartbreak and lovesickness as a bardo from which you can never escape.

    A posh Brooklyn flat as the 7.5 rung of hell.

    Seen at Salem Horror Fest 5