Hillbilly Elegy

Hillbilly Elegy

This is another Pre-Oscar movie on my watchlist. This is a movie that I didn’t want to see and when I saw it I wish I didn’t see it. This is astonishing that it’s nominated for anything to begin with. This movie thinks it’s so much better than it is and treats itself so seriously. I was incredibly bored throughout this entire movie and just wanted something interesting to happen, and it never did.

The performances all around are terrible. Glenn Close is nominated for supporting actress for this movie and I have no clue as to why. She isn’t good in this movie for the little amount of time she’s in it. Her character isn’t even focused on until the last fourth of this movie, but by the time you get there you just don’t care about anything. 

The lead performance by Gabriel Basso is awful. His character has no reason to even want to go back to help. It’s established very clearly that he dislikes his mother and that’s why he’s avoided going back for so long. I think Amy Adams is a great actress, but she is by far the worst part of this movie. She overacts so much throughout this entire movie. Every line she delivers when she’s angry is with this out of breath tone and it’s awful. 

Amy Adams character is immediately built up as irredeemable. She is the worst character in the entire movie. She’s treated as a monster and talked about as a monster by everyone. And since this movie doesn’t know what it’s doing she’s redeemed by the end. Her character is so all over the place and you never understand why she acts like that. Instead you’re just told “all is forgiven cause she’s family” and then I’m meant to accept that. I’m sorry, but if someone is that emotionally manipulative to you you’re entire life, you have every right to just turn your back on them. 

I don’t wanna talk about this movie anymore. This movie doesn’t deserve any nomination it got and, if it were a person, should be burned alive. That’s it, that’s my review, okay bye. I hate movies now.