Promare ★★★★

Promare is an absolutely beautiful, predictable thrill ride of a film that just does not let up.

For starters, the animation is out of this world. Colorful and chaotic but while maintaining the animations unique presentation for an entire film is pretty impressive. You will be in awe throughout the course of the entire film. While some animations are beautiful and let you settle into the world, Promare grabs you by the throat and try to wow you at every turn. The voice acting was fun and over the top which fits this film so well. The character designs and mech designs are well made and unique as well.

Promare's story is predictable and sometimes cheesy but you can look past that due to the thrill each scene presents. Just nothing ground breaking or unique in the pacing or plot points. I will say this sort of film is not one where that pacing is priority however.

My only real issues with this film are the length and the rewatchability. I feel Promare could have been a little story which fix the filler plot points to explain what's happening when no one is really caring about that aspect. I also would see this film again but not anytime soon and I feel this film is made for first watches. You get punched and wowed but with a second watch you know what's coming you are settled into the style of the film.

All in all Promare is excellent and I highly recommend for those who love good animation and just flat out fun to watch.


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