Hands Up!

Hands Up! ★★★★★

What a stunner! This is Skolimowski at his most radical, way-out, histrionic, poetic, surreal, political... This is Komeda at his most avant-garde and mesmerizing. This was supposed to be a winner at the Venice Film festival in 1967. Eventually it put an end to flamboyant subversiveness that was Skolimowski's trademark in his early years. Four-eyed Stalin incensed big bosses representing Polish/Soviet puppet state to extent that they expelled Jerzy from Poland and jailed this masterpiece for the next 13-14 years. He had no choice after that - ha had to flirt with the mainstream & western narrow-minded producers to survive. One of the most important films made in Europe in the 60s - it's *ucking official you morons !!! Worth seeking just for that totally psychedelic extra intro shot in 1981 when the movie was finally released from the political casemates.