Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver ★★★★½

Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver is a powerful film. A film that is still relevant today, maybe even more than before. Many consider it to be one of the greatest films of all-time and I can completely see why.

Robert De Niro gave an enticing performance as Travis Bickle and I totally believed that he was a depressed taxi driver who descended into becoming a destructive vigilante. Martin Scorsese has an amazing cameo that is integral to the plot and it is extremely awesome to watch unfold. Right out of the gate, I noticed the great attention to detail when it came to the city of New York. 1970s New York City was not a great place to live and the film perfectly captured the filthiness of the streets and its residents and the rampant crime behind every corner. I enjoyed every second spent in this setting and I wish that more films adapted this era. The cinematography was great and made for many iconic shots that are still referenced today (such as the overhead pan at the end of the film).

One of my favorite scenes in the whole film would have to be when Travis tries out and buys all of the guns from the dealer. It is clear that Breaking Bad took inspiration from this scene and if the greatest show of all-time is influenced by this film, then it has to be insanely good. The violent shootout scene near the end of the film is intense, satisfying, and also happens to be one of the most iconic scenes in film history. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen and the lack of music made the scene that much more haunting.

If I had to say anything bad about this movie, it would have to be that occasionally, a scene or two was a little too long (kind of a Martin Scorsese staple as I have noticed) but it doesn't take away from the overall impact of the film.

If you have yet to see this film, add it to the top of your list. It is a must-watch.

Side note: Sport looks a lot like Tommy Wiseau and its uncanny and I may or may not be biased towards this film because I got to watch it with cinematographer Michael Chapman.

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