The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★★

I decided to start the year off watching something I was familiar with and knew I loved. An amazing film overall, one of my absolute favourites.
This is definitely Wes Anderson at his most Wes Anderson with the symmetrical shot composition, the dry humour, and the stellar cast of actors, some of whom you’d never even dream would be in a film together. I understand why he’s such a decisive filmmaker, but I love him nonetheless, and I think this is without a doubt my favourite film from him, and probably his best. 
I love how you have these 3 interlocking stories and to signify them and what time they are taking place, Anderson uses separate aspect ratios. I think Anderson’s films have always been quite visually stunning, yet ever since he’s started working with stop motion, I’ve definitely noticed how much more energised his films have began to look, and for the better. 
Ralph Finnes is completely charming as M. Gustave, and gave one of his best performances to date. It’s insane how for a cast as remarkable as this one he leads the way beautifully, yet he is nevertheless supported by his peers. 
I believe this is my 5th time watching this since it’s initial release, Yet it was here that I found a whole new appreciation for the film. I was always a fan of it, but here I really started to pick up on how engrossed I was in the story, and how witty and clever the script was. 
This film is hilarious throughout too, even in more subtle ways. I certainly do not regret starting off my year by watching this, and I hope it starts us all of to a great year. 

Happy new year!

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