Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★★★

Raiders of the Lost Ark is really entertaining. Everything is at it's best here. Harrison Ford is charming and tough as Indiana Jones, Karen Allen is great as Marion, Paul Freeman as Belloq is an interesting villain, and John Rhys-Davies is funny as Sallah. The action is done well, with each set piece being fantastically choreographed. In an age where most blockbusters do things digitally, it's nice to see one that does things practically, and hold up well. It captures a sense of adventure and the fun of the 1930s serials so well, and John Williams provides such an iconic score that will live on like most of his others. It's pacing is good, and it's all around good. Sure, the last scene's effects are a bit iffy, but that barely factors in. Overall, Raiders of the Lost Ark is an amazing adventure, and one of the best blockbusters ever put to film

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