A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master ★★★

How do I have so many things to do? How do I forget so many things? Do I really know day it is? What month? What year?

Money is stupid. Toil is stupid. Frustration everywhere. All is worry. All is fear. Work has been slowly killing me for 2 years. It may as well be a boiler room, my boss the molotov cocktail wielding angered citizen. Boomer destructor, incinerator of the misunderstood.

It's times like these I envy Freddy Krueger... living in dreams, not having to pay for shit, spending all his time just doing what he loves. What I love is not killing teenagers, but if I could be the Dream Master and spend that time scuba diving, making dream movies, recording albums, et cetera... it would be a pretty sweet deal. We'd hang out at night, and share our creations.

Nightmare Feddy Beach Set. Free sand with purchase. Dream your own animals, paint by slumber. Dream well little ones, the world is yours.