The Evil Dead

The Evil Dead ★★★★

This was awesome! Really awesome and also genuinely scary. The tension is built up very nicely in the scenes calling for it and the various scares worked like a charm!

And speaking of charm, this film has a lot of it. I love that you can easily tell this is a low budget film, and it’s basically a bunch of friends running around in the forest, making something that meant a great deal to them. But I do think they accomplished a lot with the lower budget. The effects were great, I think and the whole setting was very nicely pulled off. Acting was a little wooden at times, but I really didn’t mind it, because it added so much to the charm of the whole film. 

All in all this was a very successful horror film, in that it managed to scare me a fair amount, and it was still very entertaining and fun to watch. Looking forward to watching the sequels in the next couple of days.

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