Tenet ★★★★½

I still really have no idea on how to even approach this film in my own head let alone articulating myself in writing. After this rewatch the only thing I felt more confident on was labelling Tenet a technical masterpiece. Again I found myself from beginning to end in complete disbelief at so much of this movie, so much so that it'd be easier for me to recount the very few moments where I wasn't. I am already convinced the behind the scenes on this would itself be a perfect movie. This is so wildly dense and yet as I am with all of Nolan's other films I am just left speechless by the how of it all. The conception of an idea like this, of course the idea itself and the execution of it is beyond admirable it's not even funny. It is so bold and so ambitious that from that alone I am nothing short of blown away. Like his other work I am certain that aspect will never go away, which is very exciting!

I guess other than feeling strongly about the technical properties, my only other major difference this time around was not being overly bothered by the sound mixing. Chalk it up to the typical rewatch symptoms as I knew the story and what not but regardless I felt I had a firm grasp on the dialogue in those scenes and overall I was not impacted negatively by it at all. With all that being said, narratively is really where I am still in limbo, as I do understand the story but simultaneously I feel as if I don't at all? That's really where my uncertainty lies as of right now, however I'm not overly worried about this as I am adamant Tenet (as does all his films) will reward repeat viewings and I will definitely be seeing this again.

I'm also not too concerned with trying to explain my thoughts in regards to the story and all it's involving components as there's so much to process and I think I'd just be doing a major disservice to myself, the film and you reading this!! I love so much of this but at the moment my perspective of Tenet as a whole feels a little clouded, and for a movie like this, I'd prefer to be sure of my thoughts before I try and write them out. I can see why others may be tired of Nolan's antics with time but personally I love that shit and I think the only thing really holding me back is myself and my own understanding of it all. Like I said, I'll definitely be catching this again where I hope to come out with a definitive idea of my thoughts. Leaving it as a 4.5 for now but deary me it's a very fucking strong 4.5.

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