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  • Tigerland



    Exciting and terrifying. A good portrayal on how war makes some people so deranged and unpredictable. She Whigham was INCREDIBLE, never really noticed that actor before this film but now I won’t forget him. He resembles a rougher Michael Douglas and this seemed like a great role for him.

    No doubt this is worth a watch, but it isn’t anything totally amazing compared to other war movies.

  • My Darling Clementine

    My Darling Clementine


    John Ford can always put on a great show. This was one of the most enjoyable small town westerns I’ve ever watched. Linda Darnell is a treasure, and the Henry Fonda + Victor Mature duo is amazing.

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  • Silence



    Scorsese's best film since Taxi Driver. This is Scorsese's second best film. 

    This is the single most gut wrenching, poetic, beautiful and greatest film I have ever witnessed.

    At the end of the film I fell on my knees and had no fucking words for Martin Scorsese. Perhaps his best film, coming from someone who worships and unbelievably accurately needs the film Taxi Driver.

    It would be repulsive, insulting, but most of all selfish to call this film "boring" or "disappointing"…

  • Manchester by the Sea

    Manchester by the Sea


    I love living in Massachusetts. It's a very calm and beautiful place, but no matter where you are - sometimes things are not like that. 

    The most human film of 2016, Casey Affleck is my favorite working actor right now possibly.

    Manchester by the Sea is an emotional and raw film. A very quiet and destructive film about the past. See this in theaters.

    I am almost convinced that 2016 is the greatest year for film of the 2010s.