• Dug Days

    Dug Days


    Episode 1:5/10
    Episode 2:4/10
    Episode 3:3/10
    Episode 4:6/10
    Episode 5:5/10

  • West Side Story

    West Side Story


    One of the biggest surprises of the year, I am really not a fan of musicals but the direction  and cinematography is a sight to behold, this showed Stephen Spielberg was born to make a musical, although the story itself is cliche and some of the songs don’t work, overall I throughly enjoyed my time with this crowd pleaser and would definitely recommend it.

  • Hawkeye



    Episode 1: 4/10
    Episode 2: 4/10
    Episode 3: 3/10
    Episode 4: 1/10
    Episode 5: 2/10
    Episode 6: 3/10

  • Hey, You!

    Hey, You!


    Weird surrealist piece, which didn’t do much for me but the overall concept and animation is interesting, a shame the finished short just really wasn’t anything worth watching.

  • Infinite


    Infinitely dull, infinitely pointless, infinitely torturous, infinitely generic, infinitely dogshit, infinitely depressing, infinitely ridiculous, infinitely insufficient, infinitely insufferable…

  • The Voyeurs

    The Voyeurs


    Trashy and tasteless, a fun onetime watch that I thought worked for what it was.

  • Knock Knock

    Knock Knock

    So bad it’s actually worth seeing, the worst Eli Roth film I have seen by far, piss poor direction and acting, the whole film feels just like all those direct to dvd thrillers, Keanu’s performance in this is priceless, it’s worth seeing for that alone, had a blast watching this garbage but cannot see myself returning to it anytime soon.

  • Young Guns

    Young Guns


    A rather dull and lifeless western, a genre I feel mixed about even if a few westerns are truly brilliant films but this isn’t one of them, merely forgettable and poorly dated.

  • The Dirties

    The Dirties


    This film deals with school shootings and the actions that happen with intelligence and skill, Matt Johnson carefully and has cleverly made a film that is extremely important and upholds It’s relevance now, it’s upheld it’s relevance since it’s release because school shootings sadly still happen frequently to this day.

    The film gladly doesn’t glamorise the actions that take place in this film but shows school shooters as humans, which no matter how flawed are, this is helped by the…

  • Calls


    Episode 1:6/10
    Episode 2:7/10
    Episode 3:8/10
    Episode 4:6/10
    Episode 5:

  • Loki



    Episode 1:6/10
    Episode 2:8/10
    Episode 3:6/10
    Episode 4:8/10
    Episode 5:6/10
    Episode 6:7/10

  • A Quiet Place Part II

    A Quiet Place Part II


    Truly a knockout, intense and atmospheric from the start, the performances all around are fantastic, I cannot recommend this enough, takes the basis of the first film and successfully expands on it with grace, cannot wait for part three in 2023 but I wish John Krasinski was still directing the trilogy.