WALL·E ★★★★★

Thematically layered, visually imaginative, and immeasurably heartfelt, Wall-E still remains one of Pixar's greatest accomplishments to date. Out of all of their outputs, I'd say that Wall-E is undeniably Pixar's sweetest film of the bunch. The romance between Wall-E and Eve is hands down one of the greatest love stories ever told in the entire galaxy. The resonating voice work and emotionally heartwarming chemistry between these two makes for such an endearing watch. Wall-E himself is one of the greatest animated characters put to screen. How can you possibly not love an immensely cute character like Wall-E? All of his robotic quirks and hilarious stumblings in front of Eva are irresistibly loveable. For an animated film, Wall-E truly is a bold piece of filmmaking considering how much of the first two acts rely very little on dialogue. This is something you don't see happen very often in children's movies. A majority of the film's beginning is chocked with worldbuilding and watching Wall-E's routine in the desolate Earth is pure visual storytelling greatness. Much like Pixar's other movies, Wall-E isn't afraid to tackle heavily mature themes that many kids need to learn. Themes such as environmentalism, consumerism, corporations affecting our behaviors, recycling, and protecting our planet. Pixar never conveys any of their films' messages with condescension or damnation. Through lovable characters such as Wall-E and Eve, along with visually poetic animation, Pixar consistently speaks to all kids around the world and opens them up to things that are essential to learn in their early childhood development. We need more animated movies like Wall-E that prove you can tackle bold subject matter and treat children's' intelligence with respect, while still delivering a satisfyingly fun experience for the whole family to enjoy!

My Rating: 10/10

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