Tenet ★★★★

Alas, my most anticipated film of the year is here. I have finally seen the latest Christopher Nolan project ladies and gentlemen. With everything going on this year, I started to have my doubts that I would actually see this film. Luckily, I (safely) had the chance to see it on the big screen as a film of its scope should be experienced. Going into a Christopher Nolan movie, there's always a huge amount of hype and reasonably so. Nolan is truly one of the most remarkable directors of our-time. With each successive film, he's managed to capture the audience's attention on such a visually and narratively ambitious level. Tenet is no exception to that rule. How well Tenet succeeds at its mission is very much up to each person's own experience. I for one thought the film was another really strong effort by Nolan, though not without its flaws. Once again, Nolan delivers a visually and viscerally stunning mindfuck of a film filled with exceptionally great performances, an outstandingly pulse-pounding score, beautifully innovative action-scenes, and plenty of moments that'll leave your mind in a trance. I won't say much about the plot because it is hard to sum up without going into spoilers. Let's just say that Tenet is a wholly refreshing take on the espionage/spy film ala James Bond or North by Northwest that's layered with complex time-bending plots involving the impending world destruction. John David Washington is excellent as our protagonist. Not only does he bring out his shining charisma, but we also get to see him shine as a bonafide action star with his stuntwork being so incredible to watch. Robert Pattinson once again proves his naysayers wrong, showing us why he's perfect for The Batman. Elizabeth Debicki definitely has the most depth out of all the characters here. Her story feels the most emotional. Tenet doesn't disappoint at all when it comes to the action sequences and inversion sequences. Nolan continues to push technical boundaries like no one else. Every setpiece here feels tangible and beautifully practical. Ludwig Göransson's score is also enthralling to the years. The faults of Tenet for me lie within some of its sound mixing/audio and the lack of emotional depth for its characters. Truth be told, this film is packed with so much, that one review isn't going to be enough. I think it's a highly flawed, but really great film that showcases once again why Nolan is a truly audacious filmmaker to be reckoned with.

My Rating: 9/10

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