Hotel Monterey

Hotel Monterey ★★★★½

I'll never stop admiring the audacity and confidence of Chantal Akerman and her determination to make the films she wanted to make. Calling her an avant-garde artist would be an understatement. Chantal Akerman will always be a huge name in the realm of experimental filmmaking when you take into full account the amount of masterful works she left behind. Her earliest feature films and shorts film have left a profound impact on me. Hotel Monterey sees Akerman crafting a beautifully contemplative look of an alluring hotel building via of course several extensive long shots. From the interiors to the elevators to the outside rooftop, Akerman gives us an enthrallingly poetic view of this hotel and its quiet ambiance. I love how she just places the camera and allows us to seriously absorb the aroma of certain spaces. Akerman gives the most mundane aspects life a genuine cinematic presence we otherwise would overlook. There's an immaculate craftsmanship in Akerman's portrayal of the most subtle details inside this building. I love that she never concerns herself with conventional movie pacing. By watching an Akerman film, you're fully experiencing time as it really is. Overall, Hotel Monterey is among Akerman's highly required filmography that all aspiring filmmakers must watch. If you want to challenge your artistic mindset, then go watch a Chantal Akerman movie.

My Rating: 9.5/10

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