The Kissing Booth ½

idk how many people it takes to make a movie but i can’t believe that that many people agreed to participate in the creation of this flaming piece of trash!!! the entire plot of this movie completely normalizes some toxic ass shit like why is the brother fighting someone every 10 minutes to “protect” her fjjfjfjrjej the fact that the friend walked in on him fixing her cut and thought he had HIT HER speaks volumes. when i said it seems like a fanfic and my sister told me it was ACTUALLY BASED ON ONE WTF!! explains a lot lmao. it’s one thing for a 13 year old to write this and another for a 50 year old man (probably) to produce it. nevermind the fact that the couple has like a 2ft height difference and she looks 16 while he looks 24 PLEASE...pleeeeaase i do not want to see y’all playing to pedophilic tendencies. anyways to top it all off the dialogue is the worst thing i’ve ever witnessed xoxo. anyways i love cringey love movies and thus can deal w all the worst tropes but whew i truly draw the line at this one bc i like to ✨cut toxic energies from my life✨. and i would love for dis bitch elle to do the same and delete noah flynn and also would love it if the creators and distributors erased this movie 💗

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