The Kissing Booth 2 ½

have to admit that despite my dismal reaction to the first, i had unfortunately committed to this kissing booth endeavor because i hate my brain cells. in this sequel this bitch had a chance to pick the ~spicy~ racially ambiguous man added for diversity instead of her ugly toxic ex who was soft cheating on her but not techinicallyyyy (by teen movie terms) bc they didn’t do anything physical.

highlights include:
• ridiculous thanksgiving scene where the men can’t communicate
• extremely elite DDR competition
• the dinner supposedly attended by [30 year old] college freshman in a fancy ass restaurant
• when the guy (i refuse to remember names) didn’t get into a fistfight with the other guy because he was showing ~growth~😌

but yeah long story short she picks the manipulative one and i really hope that someone reads this review and it has so many spoilers that they’re spared from even watching it 😍

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