Tenet ★★½

“At this point nothing surprises”

Over the course of ten features Nolan’s ambition has steadily increased; from the under-appreciated Following to the crowd pleasing successes of The Dark Knight and Dunkirk. With Tenet however, his ambition exceeds his grasp.

What once was fresh innovative filmmaking that toyed with parallel realities and time distortion feels tired and the monotony sets in early. Our hero referred to only as “The Protagonist” should be the very reason we care but we don’t know enough about him to fully invest; what worked for the noir thriller vibe of Following does not work here.

Nolan does have a love of the craft of filmmaking and it’s an impressive spectacle of excellent cinematography and layered sound design to be sure. But with cliched characters or ones that exhibit little function other than to spout quips and move the plot forward, it’s tedious.

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