• Lemmings, Part 2 – Injuries

    Lemmings, Part 2 – Injuries


    My god that last scene.

  • The Woman Next Door

    The Woman Next Door


    Loved it until the last 5 minutes. Sad that it had to take the “women be cray” route.

  • Slipstream




  • Army of the Dead

    Army of the Dead

    The Cranberries? Seriously?

  • Dreams



    This was one of a handful of Bergman's I'd not seen before, and though its rarely praised, I found it to be absolutely fascinating. It's also the film (more than any other of the period) that signals the major transition in Bergman's style, both visually and narratively. The first ten minutes alone...the ticking of the clock, the fingers strumming on the table....is precisely what we've come to associate with Bergman of the late 50s through the 60s.

    That the original…

  • Lemmings, Part 1 – Arcadia

    Lemmings, Part 1 – Arcadia


    First part of a two-part TV film from Haneke that looks at his own generation -- those born shortly after the war. Imagine AMERICAN GRAFFITI, but with none of the joy and warm nostalgia. Still, richly developed characters, each clashing with their elders in some way or another. Looking forward to part 2, when they are 20 years older and even more miserable.

  • Three Paths to the Lake

    Three Paths to the Lake


    Early Haneke made-for-tv film. Terribly frustrating -- about two-thirds of the film is an off-screen narrator reading from Bachmann's short story. It's beautiful prose, but strip that away and we are left with filler scenes that don't really serve to say much more than everything we've heard prior. Suggestion: read the story instead.

  • Saw



    I have never seen a SAW film.

    Update: I have seen a SAW film.

  • The Sentinel

    The Sentinel


    Saw this in '92 at the NYFF, and had little patience for it. But then, I came to enjoy (and love a few of) Desplechin's later works, so I thought I'd give this a revisit. But...nope...I still find it listless. Great cast playing banal characters.

  • Up the Sandbox

    Up the Sandbox


    This quasi-feminist and even more quasi-political Walter Mitty-esque romp about the waking fantasies of a frustrated housewife is far better than its reputation, and a good reminder that studios were actually willing to take chances back in the 70s. Sure, some of its politics would be deemed as "problematic" by today's standards, but there isn't a dull moment in this schizophrenic comedy, and Barbara is truly at her best here.

  • Betty Blue

    Betty Blue


    I was 20 when this came out, and, well, factor in Beatrice Dalle and....yeah.

    Doesn't quite hold up as well 35 years later, but I still have a soft spot for Zorg & Betty's tragic romance. However, would have loved to heard even just a bit of Zorg's prose...

  • Wild Mountain Thyme

    Wild Mountain Thyme

    A big F-you to FilmTwitter for actually making me beelieve there was a genuine 3rd act WTF moment. I wasted good weed for this?!?