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  • The Sentinel

    The Sentinel


    Saw this in '92 at the NYFF, and had little patience for it. But then, I came to enjoy (and love a few of) Desplechin's later works, so I thought I'd give this a revisit. But...nope...I still find it listless. Great cast playing banal characters.

  • Up the Sandbox

    Up the Sandbox


    This quasi-feminist and even more quasi-political Walter Mitty-esque romp about the waking fantasies of a frustrated housewife is far better than its reputation, and a good reminder that studios were actually willing to take chances back in the 70s. Sure, some of its politics would be deemed as "problematic" by today's standards, but there isn't a dull moment in this schizophrenic comedy, and Barbara is truly at her best here.

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  • The Other Side of the Wind

    The Other Side of the Wind


    Though this is just the 40 minute work-print of selected scenes that Welles edited, there's no doubt that this is some sort of masterpiece, and I do hope the crowd funding campaign is a success. If the film-within-a-film is meant to be a dig at "art cinema" of the day, Orson has nailed it.

  • Love Battles

    Love Battles

    This is the psycho-sexual film I've waited my whole life for....