Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★½

Man, was I coming into this one anticipating/hoping for it to be an absolute cinematic abomination, because I had the best review prepared. The review was going to be "BvS:DoJ is a POS". Pretty good, right? Alas, the film is nowhere near as bad as the rap that it is getting, so I can't use that review.

The Good
It actually has some life and identity to it, and it is clearly a Zach Snyder film (for better or for worse). The performances are decent from everyone involved, and I think with a better script, there could have actually been some decent character development, given that a lot of time is spent with the characters.

The Bad
The last hour of the film is not very good (This movie is long...). The motivations for the character's actions are non-existent. Lois Lane gets an uninteresting story line that I would completely forget about until they cut back to it. Doomsday is lame. All the expanded universe stuff is beyond lame. The film feels like watching an entire season of a television show, with how the reveals are handled, along with the pacing of the action scenes and character scenes.

The Summation
I do not care about superhero movies. My interest for them ran out a long time ago. If they are good, of course I am going to give them the respect they deserve, but I am not going out of my way to see them, much less be excited to see them. BvS:DoJ is an okay film. It is certainly much better than either Avengers film, so I cannot explain why it is getting dumped on. There is at least some attempt by Zach Snyder to craft a film that is his vision, and I think there are plenty of moments that are interesting in the film. Still, because this is a massive budget blockbuster, there is still a lot of bowing to audience expectations and being sure that people who only see these types of films will have the experience be a familiar one. Overall, it exists, and I watched it. I feel neither overly positive towards it or overly negative toward it.

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