Tenet ★★★½

I will rewatch it next week to see how it holds up on a rewatch and this is just my rating now.

This is nowhere near Nolan's best but still solid. The visual and practical effects were great as well as the cinematography. All the inversion scenes were great to watch and definitely my favourite part. The acting was quite good but nothing special. It's very weird how the beat of Travis' song was better than the score. I honestly was a bit disappointed by the score. It didn't always fit. The script is also very poor, same with the dialogue. The first hour was quite boring in my opinion and they were just jumping from scene to scene, location to location and it just felt a bit messy. The villain is very one dimensional and his motivations are meh. The characters aren't that interesting as you would expect from a Nolan movie. The action was amazing tho and the plot is great.

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