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  • Mangrove
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  • Mangrove


    In the words of C.L.R. James: “great men make history, but only such history as it is possible for them to make. Their freedom of achievement is limited by the necessities of their environment. To portray the limits of those necessities and the realization, complete or partial, of all possibilities, that is the true business of the historian.”

    In characterizing the Small Axe project, Steve McQueen has cited this quote from James, the Trinidadian historian, journalist, and author of the…

  • Nomadland


    Zhao’s powerfully poetic drama cements her as a groundbreaking talent, shaking the earth with her work’s hushed intensity. “I’m not homeless, I’m just houseless,” Fern says to those who inquire. The word “utopia” translates to “no-place,” and the hopes of the mythic American west or promise of a perfect society fade like the haze over the mountains — though there is still something breathtakingly beautiful about the views from the road. There is no place like home, but maybe home is no place at all.

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