Vice Versa

Vice Versa ★★★

Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage changes places in this 80s body swap comedy, one of several released around the same time to try and steal some of Big's thunder. It isn't as good as that film, but there's still a lot of fun to had, largely thanks to the winning combination of Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage playing off and as each other (Savage especially gives a surprisingly adept impersonation of an adult). It is very cheesy and very much of the time but that adds to the charm, and I got quite a few silly laughs, even if the movie overdoes obvious visual gags like Savage (as Reinhold) reading the business news or drinking a martini (err...). The climax at the end is kinda absurd and more than a little forced, but sometimes you just want something light and amusing, and this fits the bill.