Twelve Months

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A young queen requests a bouquet of snowdrop flowers for New Year's Day in exchange for a reward. One greedy woman sends her stepdaughter, whom she does not like, to look for the flowers in a cold forest, knowing the task will be impossible for her. The girl almost freezes to death in the forest, but she is rescued by the spirits of the Twelve Months, who create spring around her. The girl is able to deliver the bouquet to the queen, but others want a share of the reward.




Alternative Titles

Anja und die vier Jahreszeiten, Die zwölf Monate, Anya, la princesa de las nieves, 12 mois, Douze mois, La légende de la forêt, La légende des 12 mois, La légende des douze mois, I 12 mesi, Mori wa ikite iru, Sekai meisaku douwa: mori wa ikite iru, Sekai meisaku dôwa: mori wa ikite iru, 世界名作童話 森は生きている, 森は生きている, الفصول الأربعة, 12 Months