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They can’t outrun the law of the weakest.

10-year-old Pixote endures torture, degradation, and corruption at a local youth detention center where two of its members are murdered by policemen who frame Lilica, a 17-year-old trans hustler. Pixote helps Lilica and three other boys escape and they start to make their living by a life of crime which only escalates to more violence and death.




Alternative Titles

Pixote, la loi du plus faible, Pixote, gatans barn, Pixote - den svagares lag, Пишоте: Закон самого слабого, Pixote, la legge del più debole, Pixote, ta hamini tou São Paulo, Pixote, la ley del más débil, Het Recht van de Zwakste, Pixote: The Law of the Weakest, Asphalt-Haie