Mother Joan of the Angels

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Set in the 17th century. A convent in a small town is being visited by high-ranking Catholic official trying to exorcise the nun supposedly possessed by demons. A local priest have been burnt for creating this condition by sexual temptation of the nuns, especially the Mother superior who bring on the collective hysteria of the group. There is another young priest who is to help with the exorcism. His first meeting with the convent head, Mother Joan of the Angels, has her seemingly possessed by Satan - she yells blasphemies and incites the priest. She begs the priest to save her and to help her to be a saint.




Alternative Titles

Moeder Joanna der Engelen, Madre Joana dos Anjos, Sor Juana de los Ángeles, Moder Joanna, Moder Johanna af Englene, Mutter Johanna von den Engeln, Nunnan och djävlarna, Nunna ja paholaiset, Μητέρα Ιωάννα τον αγγέλων, Ο εξορκισμός, Máter Johanna, 尼僧ヨアンナ, Nonnen og djevelen, Maica Ioana a îngerilor, Мать Иоанна от ангелов, Nunnan och djävulen, Joan of the Angels?, The Devil and the Nun