Mad Max 2

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When all that's left is one last chance, pray that he's still out there ... somewhere!

Max Rockatansky returns as the heroic loner who drives the dusty roads of a postapocalyptic Australian Outback in an unending search for gasoline. Arrayed against him and the other scraggly defendants of a fuel-depot encampment are the bizarre warriors commanded by the charismatic Lord Humungus, a violent leader whose scruples are as barren as the surrounding landscape.




Alternative Titles

Asfalttisoturi, Pobesneli Maks 2, Mad Max II - asfalttisoturi, Savasçi, Mad Max 2, guerrero de la carretera, Mad Max 2 - Der Vollstrecker, Çilgin Maks 2: Savasçi, Mad Max 2, el guerrero de la carretera, Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, Mad Max 2: Maanteesõdalane, Le défi, Asfaltkrigaren, Guerrero de la carretera, Mad Max 2: A Caçada Continua, Mad Max - Il Guerriero Della Strada, Скажений Макс 2, Mad Max 2 - The Road Warrior, Mad Max 2 - Il Guerriero Della Strada, Mad Max: Road Warrior, Безумный Макс II: Воин у дороги, Безумный Макс 2, Безумный Макс: Воин дороги, Šílený Max 2, The Road Warrior

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