House of Sand and Fog

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Some dreams can't be shared.

Behrani, an Iranian immigrant buys a California bungalow, thinking he can fix it up, sell it again, and make enough money to send his son to college. However, the house is the legal property of former drug addict Kathy. After losing the house in an unfair legal dispute with the county, she is left with nowhere to go. Wanting her house back, she hires a lawyer and befriends a police officer. Neither Kathy nor Behrani have broken the law, so they find themselves involved in a difficult moral dilemma.





Alternative Titles

La casa di sabbia e di nebbia, Дом из песка и тумана, Qum və dumandan ev, Haus aus Sand und Nebel, Casa de arena y niebla, Maison de sable et de brume, Будинок з піску і туману, Dom z piasku i mgły, Sisler Evi, Kuca pijeska i magle, Casa de Areia e Névoa, Hiekan ja sumun talo, Σπίτι από άμμο και ομίχλη, Ház a ködben, 砂と霧の家, Smelio ir ruko namai