Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

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Fast Food. High Times.

Nerdy accountant Harold and his irrepressible friend, Kumar, get stoned watching television and find themselves utterly bewitched by a commercial for White Castle. Convinced there must be one nearby, the two set out on a late-night odyssey that takes them deep into New Jersey. Somehow, the boys manage to run afoul of rednecks, cops and even a car-stealing Neil Patrick Harris before getting anywhere near their beloved sliders.





Alternative Titles

Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, American High, Harold y Kumar van a White Castle, 猪头逛大街, 猪头汉堡包, Harold & Kumar Get the Munchies, Harold & Kumar 1, Harold et Kumar chassent le burger, Harold & Kumar van a White Castle, הרולד וקומר משתוללים באמריקה, 해롤드와 쿠마, Harold und Kumar

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