Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus

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A love story.

In 1958 New York Diane Arbus is a housewife and mother who works as an assistant to her husband, a photographer employed by her wealthy parents. Respectable though her life is, she cannot help but feel uncomfortable in her privileged world. One night, a new neighbor catches Diane's eye, and the enigmatic man inspires her to set forth on the path to discovering her own artistry.





Alternative Titles

Diane Arbus - Eine besondere Liebesgeschichte, Retrato de una obsesión, Fur, Kožich: Imaginární portrét Diane Arbusové, Fell - Eine Liebesgeschichte, Fell - Ein imaginäres Portrait von Diane Arbus, 皮囊, 皮相猎影, 梦幻皮草