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  • Mister America
  • Fargo
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  • Level Sixteen

    Level Sixteen


    A positive girl power movie that doesn’t talk down to the viewer or fuck around??? Loved it, and it hit all the tropes that make this kind of movie personally satisfying to me.

  • Possessor



    Surprisingly transgender…

    I had a dream similar to this, a nightmare that I’ve always remembered. The face melting and flesh tearing stuff was really familiar. The physical pain and the psychological pain. It’s kind of hackneyed to say but it really reminded me of an ac*d trip with the wetness contrasting with the dryness and the feeling of blood always spilling out of somewhere. 

    I’m just a person who watches movies but there were a lot of shots in this that made me think “how did they do that?” and I don’t feel that way very often these days.

    Yeah great movie!

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  • 8th Annual On Cinema Oscar Special

    8th Annual On Cinema Oscar Special

    oscar fever has increasingly dire consequences and this installment literally had me inches from a heart attack

    can't wait to watch this 600 more times like the nasty little On Cinema gremlin that i am

  • The Boss Baby: Family Business

    The Boss Baby: Family Business

    A really mean-spirited animated movie, which is definitely in-line with the first installment.

    It feels like a conservative soapbox not just at times but quite often. Posits a United States where schools are overfunded as some sort of familiar problem that we all know of as a nation, which is really disconcerting. Problematizes recognizing global warming as, you know, an extant thing, in the format of a children’s holiday pageant AND, in the same breath, mocks “exotic” holidays such as…