Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

This movie takes a few of the monsters from an iconic and beloved series of books, and creates a completely different world for them to inhabit - absent the creepy folklore charm of the original tales. 

I was never going to love this, and I was sure I wasn’t even going to like it. The books were such a huge part of my childhood - from late nights reading to my little sister with a flashlight, to all of the times I made my mother buy the same books again and again because I’d thrown them in the dumpster outside of our apartment in a fit of fear; the fascination they sparked within me to seek out other books - on hauntings and witchcraft, demons and the unexplained - beginning a lifelong interest in the supernatural, to the indelible impression the illustrations made on my brain, providing me with nightmare fuel that was just as much a part of my childhood as Saturday morning cartoons. (So what I’m saying is that it would be almost impossible for a film to do these books justice).

Also, this movie is obviously geared toward kids and tweens, which is not my jam at all - but hey, I’m not the target audience and that’s ok. I tend to avoid writing reviews of the children’s movies I watch with my kids for this reason; it makes no sense to me to write a scathing review of something I might have really liked if I were a kid. My daughter loved this and we had a good time watching it together. So in the end it wasn’t too bad after all.

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