Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain ★★★★★

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I'll keep this one short as I prefer to give this a full analysis after repeated viewings. Singin' In The Rain is one of the best musicals and films of all time, and is at odds with my current favourite musical of all time, The Sound of Music. This film is beautiful from beginning to end, giving us a wonderful picture that details an important period in cinema. The film also details the hardship that the film companies went through after the release of The Jazz Singer, intimidating Warner Bros.' rivals with a new vision of the cinema experience. We see the impact in all aspects of the studios, from actors, directors to producers, worried that nobody would ever appreciate the silent pictures anymore and that they would be left behind. The film also features wonderful and memorable music and choreography; moments like Singin' In The Rain and Good Morning allowed me to sing along and sway my head to the music, even if I don't know all of the words. It has been so long since a musical made me this joyful. Thank you Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen, for this awe-inspiring picture.

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