A Woman After a Killer Butterfly

A Woman After a Killer Butterfly ★★★½

Well...that had way more symbolic gravity than I was prepared for on a Sunday watch. People who say Fulci's films operate on incoherent nightmare logic need to give something like this a shot. It was like a Bava lit Age D'or. I don't know if film is supposed to tackle existential dread or man's desire for flesh juxaposed with the conventions of marriage, but I do know that I'd never trust a chick with a butterfly necklace offering me juice.

The long run time here give the film a low rewatchability rate for me, but the next time I do pop this one in I think I'll be able to brace myself for the ride a little better. I did like how the main character goes from wanting to kill himself at the start of the film to saying "fuck it, life sucks but I guess I'll live" at the end after the long series of weird and unpleasant events? hallucinations?

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