Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

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This review may contain spoilers.

God, this was so wild. I'm very glad I chose to see this in cinemas to be honest. It was kinda ~meant to be as I've seen each film in the series before this in cinemas at release starting with the original but I wasn't too sure about this one judging about some of the clips I had seen.

Things didn't start off on the greatest foot with a huge exposition dump that more or less killed off the surviving cast short of Alice off screen but things picked up after thankfully. This definitely reminded me of Extinction at times with the somewhat "road film" feel at times which is definitely a good thing as it's my favorite film in the franchise. It was great to catch back up with Claire (A TRUE ICON TBH. Queen of surviving in a series that kills the shit out of all side characters with no remorse) and the general events had me engrossed. It did get mildly old after a bit with the constant jump scare attempts or "you thought ___, but you were WRONG" happenings but I was having fun so I'll let that slide.

The editing was kind of a shock coming from Afterlife and Retribution which definitely took some adjusting but it actually kinda works in the end? I'm not wanting to say it's as good as the previous films as far as action sequences go but they weren't the absolute mess the clips had me expecting. Everything is so urgent/frantic and it just really added to my theater experience to be honest. It did get relatively disorienting at times but I usually knew what was going on.

More than anything I'm just kind of conflicted as to how I feel emotionally with the series ending. I definitely had complaints to go around (I truly love to complain! 🙃) but with my general affection for the license and the series being so long running I've formed an attachment. I'm pretty sad to be seeing Alice and this iteration of the Resident Evil universe go. I can just hope that whatever comes next, be it a new film or tv show, that whatever it is as unique as this franchise ended up being.

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