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While most of the films in this series are continuing to grow on me, this is the one exception. In fact, it might be the only one that has fallen in my favor over time.

The A Nightmare on Elm Street series stands out to me since each film is unique and doing its own thing (whether that works or not for each film is debatable) but this one doesn't have a lot going for it. This feels like a few standout moments (which aren't even that good to begin with) stringed together with little or no thought put into the rest. I feel like getting distracted/caught up in something else for 15-20 minutes would result in a similar viewing experience. This is just all over the place.

It isn't helped that this goes through the effort of bringing back the survivors from 3 only to kill them off unceremoniously. I understand wanting to move on with a new cast but at this point they might as well have just did that in full. The casting for Kristen was especially disappointing.

I don't want to go on all night so I'm gonna cut myself off and go watch a movie/do something else. I wish I liked this more than I do. I've never been huge on The Dream Child but I remember that having a pretty unique gothic aesthetic in context of the series so maybe that will appeal to me when I get to it.

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