Tenet ★★★

*My brain and ears*: DAMN YOU CHRISTOPHER NOLAN!!!! 

After waiting for almost two weeks, I've finally seen Tenet. After first viewing, I'm exhausted, confused and conflicted. What I loved about this big film was certainly the visuals and score. Christopher Nolan and Hoyte van Hoytema once again show very strong visual control as they utilize the large screen format and a globetrotting spy story to great effect. Ludwig Göransson's thunderous and pulsating score no doubt elevated the action and certainly amped up the feeling that time isn't on your side. I do wonder how a Hans Zimmer score would've sounded like though. As for the rest of the film, that's where I'm conflicted. All these action set pieces and yet I don't really feel much. It didn't help that the characters were fairly bare bones and much of what they say is clunky exposition, incomprehensible or even straight up inaudible. There were plenty of times where I found myself just watching this all go down and wondering why should I care. This is entering nitpick territory, but I'm not a fan of John David Washington's character not even having a name. He's the first black lead for a Nolan film, looking all cool in suits and in action and yet he's just The Protagonist? 

Tenet will dazzle, impress and blow some minds with its inversion concept, but I honestly didn't really enjoy this. That's a rarity since I LOVE most of Nolan's films. I really do hope he goes smaller in scope for his next project.

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