Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★★

I've done two past reviews in my usual short format, so I'm gonna change it up and do a rapid-fire thoughts session:

-You know the MCU has done things right when a raccoon and cybernetic humanoid hold hands and you begin welling up with tears
-Steve during the group therapy session, now THAT is why he's a leader
-Joe Russo inserting himself in cameo roles is a bit much
-The Rat = MVP
-Tony building a life for himself outside of Iron Man and starting a family is a beautiful sight to behold
-Smart Hulk and Ragnarok Hulk are my favourite versions
-Hulk giving Scott two tacos after his got blown away is the cutest thing ever
-Scratch that, Hulk riding in the back of a truck is the cutest thing ever
-Endgame Thor makes total sense
-America's ass is a beauty
-The Loki series only exists because 2012 Hulk had to take the damn stairs!
-Not really a fan of Hawkeye's Ronin era, even less so of that haircut
-Part of me still wanted Clint to make the jump, but I understand and accept why they had Nat do it
-"AVENGERS.... assemble." is still such a hype moment for me, let's goooo
-The end battle still makes me absolutely giddy
-Perfect, satisfying and emotional conclusions
-Seeing the Avengers in a domestic setting makes me crave a sitcom with them  

I could go on and on, I'm just happy to have been able to soak up this event during the lead up and to have seen it on opening day in theatres. Memories that I'll look back to fondly. Oh yeah, this is now my personal favourite from the MCU. BOOM *Rocket voice*

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