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  • Kickboxer



    There are many scenes of cinematic perfection in this perfect movie, however this one in particular will always caress the margins of my soul:

    Winston Taylor fanning himself with a straw fedora while strutting into the ‘Pink Pussy’ strip club & gleefully screaming “Oooooooooo baby, baby do it! Do it! Hurt Meh! Hurt Meh! Hurt Meh!!!!"

    That is what I aspire to be. Winston fuckin Taylor in that very moment.

    Winston 'heavy-drinkin-cigar-smoking-hootin-and-hollarin-mamaceets-in-each-arm-machine-gun-shootin-real-maafuggin-one' Taylor. SALUTE!

    Even if I don't moisturize my legs…

  • Equilibrium



    "The gun kata treats the gun as a total weapon, each fluid position representing a maximum kill zone, inflicting maximum damage on the maximum number of opponents while keeping the defender clear of the statistically traditional trajectories of return fire."

    Gun Kata, aesthetically pleasing visuals, Cleric John Preston hearing Beethoven's 9th symphony crescendo & how easily he cuts Brandt's tula face. I'll always love this flick & Bale's rendition of a Grammaton Cleric.

    Ezekiel-John, go practice your kata!

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  • Batman Begins

    Batman Begins


    I love an origin story where the protagonist overcomes adversity & his growth from Kris Pule's choir boy haircut, skinny Ezekiel legs & puppet wrists, to Chimes 2021 real batmang traps is on full display.

    Nnnngooooyeahhhhh C'Papi!

    Katie Holmes, can I get another nnnngooohhhyeahhhh? I wish she never relinquished her role as Rachel to Jake Gyllenhaal's mutty & annoying sister. Christian Bale's "batman" voice is also not as grating in this as the subsequent installments.

    'The Dark Knight' is a Joker movie (thanks…

  • Spotlight



    Of course those catholic schmucks KNEWWW