Death Screams

Death Screams ★★★½

Hello, I'm Chuck Isen, producer of the motion picture Death Screams.

Ever since this film has been finished people have been dying all over the country. I'm sorry.

What happens in Death Screams could be happening in your home town tonight. Dear God, I hope not.

- Original TV Spot

Death Screams is a fun 80s slasher with quirky characters going to a local carnival and then heading into the woods to party and tell stories around the campfire. Obviously, there's a killer on the loose. There's kills sprinkled throughout but a lot of the bloodshed is saved for the end where characters start to get picked off rapid fire. If you're not into regional slashers, you might feel the pace is slow but I find these types of movies charming and comforting.

When I first saw Death Screams years ago, I found it in a five film budget DVD set that was packaged in a gravestone shaped metal tin with Don't Look in the Basement, Blood Tide, Legacy of Blood, and Good Against Evil. The copy of Death Screams was not only a terrible transfer that was frequently too dark to see but it also appeared to be edited for content. The kills seemed to cut away too soon and all the nudity was blurred out. On top of that, the reels seemed to be out of order as characters were killed and then reappeared! So when the blu-ray was announced, I was excited to see a better version. The new Arrow release is not one of their best looking discs but it is a huge improvement over that old DVD. This time around I could see what was happening in the darker scenes (and the nude scenes) and the sequence of events made much more sense.

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