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  • Daddy, Father Frost Is Dead
  • Midori
  • The Devils
  • Possession

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  • Hellraiser

  • Kafka's Supermarket

  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

  • Cab Calloway's Hi-De-Ho

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  • Hellraiser


    Domestic turmoil held at the mercy of indifferent contractual limit-experience seeking flesh ascetics. You call for them, they come to take you to the next plain. If you aren't prepared for it, you come crawling back to your own vomit with the void following your tracks while claiming whatever crosses its path. Even after the tampering from studio higher-ups at New World there is still a decent amount of Bataillian perversion that bleeds into the film's narrative. A really neat…

  • Kafka's Supermarket

    Kafka's Supermarket

    If you’d like to help support my independent films, you can watch Kafka’s Supermarket on either YouTube or Vimeo (linked below). Any ratings, reviews or list inclusions are greatly appreciated:

    Attached below is my original director's statement on Kafka's Supermarket:

    Kafka's Supermarket is an avant-garde science fiction dystopian horror film that concerns the issues of a current capitalist America, focusing on the alienation and dehumanization of commercialism. Market obsessions are rendered to their most primal states, flooding a…

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  • Midori



    The fact that this film's page on Letterboxd, along with most other discussion related to it on American internet circles, has been polluted like a lake from The Death Lullaby with shallow sensationalist one-sentence meme reviews by kids from Tik Tok is a genuine disgrace. I say kids even though many are probably my own peers, apparently 20-somethings also use this Tik Tok app.

    In regard to the film itself: It's no doubt from my statements on The Death Lullaby…

  • The Death Lullaby

    The Death Lullaby


    The Death Lullaby is the coming-of-age of the concept of alienation itself, starting with interpersonal child abuse and ostracization, building up to a large scale late-capitalist embodiment with the story of a small village that’s forcibly demolished for the construction of a bullet train, both narratives being congruent with the history of the construction of Narita airport. A boy with a severe buck-toothed underbite is cut off from his mother after she contracts an illness that causes her to cough…