Exorcism of Emily Reed

Exorcism of Emily Reed


Favorites are my most recent highly-rated movies (excluding re-watches)

Mostly watching horror & comedy, but open to other things as well.

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  • Kate
  • The Return of the Living Dead
  • Carnival of Souls
  • Avengers: Endgame

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  • 4th Man Out


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  • Unpregnant



    I love this movie so much! I kept putting it off because I thought it was going to be a drama like Never Rarely Sometimes Always (which is also great), and I didn't really feel like setting myself up for sadness again. Anyway, this was hilarious and heartwarming. I love the cast and characters. I just feel really happy that this movie exists right now.

  • But I'm a Cheerleader

    But I'm a Cheerleader


    I remember this movie cover from when I was younger. I always wanted to watch it then because I loved cheerleading movies, but was never able to get a copy since I was a kid. By the time I was old enough, I had forgotten about it, and then it was never on streaming later on.

    I'm so glad I finally watched this. I wish for my younger self that I would have been able to see it then.

    This movie is sweet, smart, and aesthetically pleasing. This is on my list of favorites now, and I'll definitely be watching it again.

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  • Fear Street: 1666

    Fear Street: 1666


    The Fear Street trilogy was so much fun! This was the first time I've been offered early screeners of something, so that was awesome. 1666 is two stories in one - the first half is 1666, and then we go back to 1994. I liked the movies, but I think with the time jumps, I might have enjoyed it a bit more as a limited series.

    I don't always do well with folk horror, but this worked for me. It…

  • Fear Street: 1978

    Fear Street: 1978


    I loved 1978! I get the feeling this will probably be my favorite of the trilogy. The camp slasher setup was perfect, and Sadie Sink was great. I was more invested in this story than the first - honestly, it was probably because it was more fast-paced (and I might be a little biased toward a camp slasher story). 1978 was gory and amusing, and I'm even more excited to see what happens in 1666 now.