Tenet ★★

Ok, I loved Christopher Nolan from the beginning. There have been the odd flaws in his films mixed amoungst his brilliance & I've been ok with it. It made him real. His films have always made me think & marvel, it's why I've loved him for so long. Unfortunately, I've now watched a Nolan film I don't like.

Nolan has the budget here to deck everyone out in designer clothes, film on European coastlines, compose a drilling score & drive a jumbo jet into a building. All the things you'd see in a typical 007 film (there's even a white bikini). He does this with the artistic license he's earned, a la James Cameron, to be able to subject us to a 2.5 hr length, but that's a long time for basically an action film, even if it's littered with Nolan-esque reverse camera-work. How else can he fit in every different action trope you've ever seen into one film?

I like time travel movies, and this one delivers us such action akin to the beloved 90s films where planes are often hijacked (Con Air), or bullets are dodged (The Matrix). I could even tell before the movie got halfway that it was about time for a car chase & let me tell you; we got one backwards & forwards. The second half of the film looks like a war movie despite this being a "cold war".

I like that Nolan uses time travel theories & such in his films, but this one just seemed too generic this time. Too bad we can't reverse time, so he could've filmed his "other" idea.