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  • Mainstream



    "A Face in the Crowd for the smartphone generation" is a pretty solid pitch, it would just be better if it were done by someone with any awareness of how storytelling (or, like, life as a human being on planet Earth) works

  • Amazing Journey - The Story of The Who

    Amazing Journey - The Story of The Who

    Anytime you have talking-head interviews from The Edge or Sting or whoever, I can't help feeling like I'm watching the Blue Jean Committee episodes of Documentary Now. But no matter how thin and workmanlike the documentary, when it’s about your favorite band ever, it sure can feel extraordinary.

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  • Cats



    Talking about this movie almost feels like a no-win scenario. If I say I had a blast, you assume I mean it ironically, but if I say it wasn’t ironic, you assume I’m a pathetic garbage boy with a brain made of canned peaches. But no, I just think this movie is a crazy good time, and I think it’s actually more aware of what it is than people are giving it credit for. If you go see this movie…

  • Shithouse



    It would be no exaggeration to say I’ve been waiting over a decade for this movie. Back in college I longed for a movie that honored how this time of your life can be simultaneously so ridiculous and so emotionally mammoth. Nothing ever came close, and I figured it was just impossible that anyone old enough to get a movie made would be able to recapture that particular perspective.

    And then along comes a movie written/directed by and starring a…