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  • Nobody



    A reductive review would be something like John Wick But The Wife Lived but while that’s true in the broad strokes, Nobody feels much less stoic that Wick. It feels much more happy to trip it’s hero up and show his flaws in between all the mad gun play. A proper hoot with a great soundtrack

  • In The Heights

    In The Heights


    The more I think about it the fact that the film never really says anything about anything is actually quite annoying. Looks great, good songs but focuses on the wrong leads and doesn’t quite come together to really say anything. At least for me

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  • Biggles



    The best film version of Biggles.

    ...alright, the plot makes no sense and quite how the American guy turns into a gung ho action hero so quick is anyone's guess but, my God, the music.


  • Sightseers



    It's like The Trip only with more murders. And caravan sites rather than hotels. And the leads are two people who might be perfect for each other rather than two grumpy comedians. It's not like The Trip at all.