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Bruno Bumberknuckle


Your all liars, dirty fucking liars!

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  • The Master
  • Caché
  • Nashville
  • Safe

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  • Titane

  • Cure

  • Lamb

  • Zabriskie Point

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  • Titane


    Some cool stuff in it but what the fuck… this movie is like fine, weirdly forgettable even. I’d be surprised if this aged into anything more than a blip on the radar past 2021.

    Besides the body horror there is never anything to pull me into this world and make me care. When everything’s a metaphor how am I supposed to find what’s real type beat. 

    I did enjoy the general theme and dissection of gender and self, but when there’s no actual “movie” to bring that all together, I’m stuck here with nothing more than the thought of “ meh, that was cool I guess”.

  • Cure


    Fantastic. Lost a bit of track by the end but up until that I was totally in it. The sound design in this movie is incredible. Constant hypnotic rhythm haunts every scene. Using objects within each environment the movie creates its own terrifying soundtrack through diegetic noise within every scene until the release of it all at the end. It really is something and very happy I got to see it in a theater! 

    On another note, I really love detective ghost stories! This, the wailing, and exorcist 3 are just so good and all do this idea brilliantly in different ways. Supa dupa cool!

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