Magnetic Rose

Magnetic Rose ★★★★½

Spellbinding is the only word I can think of to describe the amazing beauty and magic of this story. It takes place in the distant future, and the story starts with a group of space travelers responding to a distress call. Eventually they get wrapped up in a world of mystery inside of a strange ship and the sounds of a hidden being inside the ship causes chaos. It develops into a completely surreal visual story with the astronauts seemingly being pulled into a different world.

There's an indescribable feeling of majestic magic between the appearing and disappearing people and environments, the stunning 19th-century scenery, and perfectly animated scenes of space. It's so satisfying in its surrealism and I could sit down and rewatch it this moment and still enjoy every second. I love the art style, story, atmosphere, and everything else possible about it.

Added to Top 100 Favorite Animated Movies